private and semi-private classes*

All private or small classes can be split between up to 5 students. For alternate arrangements, contact me.

series class packages*

The series class package gives you one class per week for 2, 4, or 8 weeks at a discount. These classes can be split between up to 4 students. For alternate arrangements, contact me.

*PLEASE NOTE: let me know of your preferred appointment time at checkout, or email me directly. I am usually available:

i. Monday mornings
ii. Wednesday lunchtime
iii. Friday morning & afternoon
iv. Sunday evening

workshops & events

Interested in taking your practice to a deeper level? Join me for an upcoming workshop! To schedule a workshop at your studio, connect with me, I would love to meet your community and share the yoga love! Or to practice with me at one of my weekly classes, see my schedule.

Crystal Connection Workshop

January 25th - The Studio DC

March 7th - East Meets West Yoga Center (Vienna, VA)

Crystals are the art that the earth gave us. Through a regular yoga practice, we come to realize that our beings are an equally magnificent gift from nature. Crystals can be used as magnifiers of intention, and Yoga is a practice that cultivates positive intention. Together, the two act as an energetic force that can powerfully transform and manifest your true Self. Through the Crystal Connection, a yogi can drop deeper into the frequencies of the earth and the divine roots of their spirit. The space will be filled with an altar of crystals, from which every student will select one to mediate, begin, and end the workshop with. They will practice with the crystal as their drishti and will be invited to take the crystal home with them. This will serve as a memoir as well as constant positive frequency to bring home. Join Paula, at the start of 2015, to magnify your intentions, experience the beauty of our Mother Earth, and reconnect with her vibrant roots.

Living Waters Yoga Retreat

March 7th - Spicewood, Texas

"Care to join me and my best friend & soul sister, Missy Shaw, for a retreat in the Spicewood, Texas? The potential retreat property is called Living Waters, right on Lake Travis, this coming August 2015. Pricing is still tentative, and will be confirmed based on interest. Click here for a closer look into the location! If at all interested, please send me a message, I'll add you to the retreat mailing list! Stay tuned for all the fun details!"
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