"The journey of life is sweeter when traveled with a dog."

- Unknown

I have always felt a deep connection to animals but especially to dogs. Dogs are a living example of the infinite compassion and unconditional love available in the world. As I grew older, I found yoga and began to realize the profound effect that the practice has on my ability to find that same kind of pure love within our human experience.
Yoga quickly became a personal journey, full of lessons in life and nature. The lightness, joy, and jocular spirit that yoga creates is what kept bringing me back to my mat, and eventually to my path as a dedicated student and instructor.

As an instructor, I aim to safely and carefully create sequences that are both challenging and playful. I care deeply about offering a space where the physical asanas become an expression of each individual's passionate soul with a musical selection that is focused on relaxing the mind, motivating the body, and balancing the spirit. Pipndipyoga came into being as the union of my love for yoga & art, through the greatest teacher I have ever had in my life, my furry best friend, Diplo Weasley. This website serves as a dedication to the luminous animal spirit that lives within each of us - expressed through yoga & art.

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